Under Pressure Espresso is an Independent coffee shop in Sutton Coldfield. Striving to serve up some of the best coffee in the country and to promote knowledge in the cafe about every stage of the coffee cycle, from seed to cup (if you're interested).

There's nothing more enjoyable than seeing a warm, genuine smile fill somebodies face as they sip on a coffee that we have made. And the surprise that they get when they taste our coffee and it's actually a deliciously balanced drink, not some bitter astringent muck that requires mounds of sugar to make palatable.
We truly believe that coffee in the right communal environment can bring people together and create an a atmosphere akin to that of an old local pub. Aromas and flavours, banter and music, they all mingle together to create that special feeling that most people seek. These are the things that we aim to deliver at Under Pressure Espresso.

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As Sutton Coldfields only real "speciality" coffee shop, we really hope that you stop by and try what we have to offer. We're a little different from anything else going on in Sutton town at the moment. We are fully focused on serving up coffee to the absolute best of our abilities. Coffee that has been sourced from some of the most amazing farms around the world and roasted impeccably. We're here to showcase all of that hard work in the cup. We can't wait serve you and see what you think.

"Striving to serve up some of the best coffee in the country" has become our little motto, but it's not only true for coffee, it goes for everything that we do.
The only way that this is really consistently a possibility with coffee, is by using one of the best coffee roasters in the world.
And so, let me introduce you to Morgon Coffee Roasters, from Gothenburg, Sweden.

If you have any questions about Under Pressure Espresso, please drop us an email.

Where to find us:

Under Pressure Espresso
23a Birmingham Road
Sutton Coldfield
B72 1QA

2 hour street parking close by and
Duke Street car park is behind the store.

Monday - Thursday
8:00 - 17:00
Friday - Saturday
8:00 - 18:00
10:00 - 16:00

Current Espresso:

Morgon Espresso
Gilberto Baraona
- Usulatan, El Salvador
- Natural process
- Bourbon Cultivar
- Produced by Gilberto Baraona
- 1350masl
- Tasting Notes: Creamy and complex,
with notes of caramel and macadamea.

Current Filters:

Morgons Filters
- Harenja, Ethiopia
- Rutuma Co-op, Kenya
- Gilberto Baraona, El Salvador
- Jacob Montero, Costa Rica
- Ricardo Tavares, Brazil

Our Location

Map of Sutton